Accelerating the Reinvention of Mobility

CrossChasm’s products and services serve a broad range of applications within the vehicle OEM and fleet management marketplace. Our focus: to help vehicle manufactures build best-in-class hybrid, electric and plug-in vehicles, and guide large-scale end users of those vehicles, such as fleet managers and fleet owners in accurately assessing the full lifecycle costs of next generation vehicle adoption.

Distinguished by our passion for hybrid technology and over 40 years of combined expertise, CrossChasm enables your leap to hybrid and electric vehicles allowing you to cross the chasm in a shorter time frame and on a smaller budget.

For vehicle manufacturers

CrossChasm’s offerings of energy simulation and rapid control systems design integrate seamlessly with the existing development team to generate industry-leading hybrid, electric and plug-in vehicles, on-time and on-budget.

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For fleet operators

Depending on your fleet’s stage of maturity and the business challenges you are facing, CrossChasm can tailor our fleet solutions to meet your needs. Our fleet solutions range from one-time assessments of your current fleet performance, such as vehicle idling, to accurate estimates of full lifecycle costs of next generation vehicle adoption.

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