It’s time.

Chris and I started the company in 2007 to build products that would help the global transition to electric vehicles.  With production EVs 3+ years away we knew an interim plan was needed.

Over the past nine years CrossChasm has grown into a successful consulting business that has helped vehicle manufacturers design and prototype next-generation vehicles.  Our team has had the good fortune to work on some phenomenal vehicles and with remarkable people.

Projects from the past year have been the most rewarding. Our OEM clients will bring those technologies to market in 2018-2019 and we are excited for the world to experience them.

In parallel we have been spooling up our product business – known as FleetCarma.  While CrossChasm focused on helping bring the best electrified vehicles to market, FleetCarma focused on overcoming the challenges of buying and operating EVs.

The industry is now at a tipping point.

The Bolt and Model 3 are on the horizon.  There are over 50 plug-in models on the market internationally.  Selection is expanding and the technology is rapidly improving.  The bottleneck will no longer be the vehicle.

Today we are at 1 million plug-ins on the road.  While notable, it only represents 0.1% of the global fleet.  Transitioning the remaining 99.9% will not be a simple task and will require many stakeholders to unite and share in that effort.

To play our role we are making a change today.  We are shutting down our consulting business and are moving to a singular focus.

We are no longer CrossChasm.  We are now FleetCarma.

The major bottlenecks for widespread EV adoption will be the selection/buying process and ownership experience, especially in fleets.  We are getting ahead of this by simplifying the selection process and improving the ownership experience.  We’re proud to have already helped hundreds of fleets from countries all around the world smartly integrate electric vehicles with positive results.

And more recently we’ve been working with our utility partners to build vehicle-grid systems that synchronize electric vehicle charging loads with grid capacity and renewable generation.  The benefits of which can be shared with the EV owners, both fleets and individuals.

So today we are excited to deploy all of the team on a single task: make the EV selection and ownership experience remarkable. It’s go time.


– Matt, Chris, and the entire CrossChasm FleetCarma team.